Tillmann Hausverwaltung

Immobilienbetreuung auch für Liegenschaften mit weniger als 4 Wohneinheiten

Relocation Service

if you are planning to move to Arnsberg or the Neheim-Hüsten metropole with your family or by yourself I may be helpful with my relocation service.

There is a lot of things to focus on in regards to residential housing. I can assist you in finding a new apartment, house or a home in general for you or you and your family. It may be helpful to have the leasing contract reviewed before signing, since German law requirements for housing and therefor the contracts may be confusing. I can also provide information about local schools, and how to accommodate your children in the school system or pre-schools (Kindergarten). You may have questions in regards to your trailing spouse, I can help you with this, or even help setting you up with a family physician, for example. Once the major components of your demands are covered, I may also assist in minor subjects, like finding nice places to eat, shopping and recreational activities. I am fluent in both languages, English and German, and familiar with the area for a couple of years already, so this service may work for you to make your start easier in the new city.

Don't hesitate to call me to find out if this would be suitable and helpful for you, and to obtain information about the rate beforehand. For my services I will provide an itemized statement that may qualify to be covered by your employer*, in case you are being transferred here due to a new position by the company.

(*depending on your contract and conditions)